What the hell does "HIIT" and "LISS" mean?!

With these two terms we are in endurance sports, also known as cardio. However, not everyone is familiar with the terms “HIIT” and “LISS”, but the system behind the abbreviations are quite simple.

HIIT- what's that?! High intensity interval training. So again in other words: interval training with very high intensity over a short period of time.

What is LISS then? Low intensity steady state training. In other words: endurance training with low intensity over a long period of time.

To start with, a good exercise plan should include both types of cardio to get the most benefits. With both systems you train your cardiovascular system and burn calories.

In HIIT training, the anaerobic system is mainly used. In this system, the energy is drawn from the muscles' gycogen storage, which means that no oxygen is used to gain energy for the body (it is already in the name "anaerobic". The word comes from the Greek and stands for "not air"or "without air"). The anaerobic system is perfect for very intense units that only last a few minutes. With this type of training, we even have an afterburn effect after the training, which means that we also burn calories when we no longer train at all. Since this type of training is very exhausting and drains the body's resources, it should not be done every day. Take regular breaks during exercise so as not to overload your cardiovascular system.

Exactly the opposite system is used by LISS training. In technical terms, we call it the “aerobic system”. After the energy is consumed by the anaerobic system, the body falls back on the aerobic system and actively uses oxygen to generate energy. This type of training usually takes place over a longer period of time, often over several hours. Marathon runners usually train in the aerobic area in order to be well prepared for long distances. However, we do not have an afterburn effect. We only burn calories when we workout. LISS training is very suitable for beginners, as it also includes walking and biking.

Summarized: Both types of exercise are good for your health, improving your cardiovascular system and burning calories. LISS training is more suitable for beginners. What you ultimately choose depends on your personal preferences, but a good training plan should include both types of training.

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