Good night - Why sleep is important!

Sleep is like a supplement for muscle growth, fat loss and mental strength.

Things controlled by sleep:

- How much and how often we eat

- How fast our metabolism works

- Whether we can fight off infections

- How quickly we can absorb information

- How fat or thin we are

- How well we learn new things

- A whole lot more...

Sleep is vital to the mind and body. The metabolism and the immune system recover during sleep and the brain processes the impressions of the day. This is how sleep contributes to health and wellbeing. A healthy sleep has a significant influence on being able to concentrate and react well, to remember new things and to form memories. The prerequisite is good sleep quality, that is, individually perceived restful sleep, and individually sufficient sleep duration.

Do I have a sleep problem?

How much sleep people need varies greatly. Some are 5 hours long, others need over 9 hours a night. Most adult people feel better after 7 to 8 hours of sleep. However, according to a study, almost a third of Germans have trouble falling or staying asleep at least once a week. There are even more among the 70 to 79 year olds. That means: for several weeks they have not been able to fall asleep for a long time, although they are tired. Or they wake up several times during the night and need more than 30 minutes to get back to sleep. This also includes waking up too early in the morning even though you are still tired. One only speaks of sleep problems when everyday life is impaired by the lack of sleep. Whether a sleep disorder is present can only be diagnosed by a doctor.

Lack of sleep has been linked to many diseases like Diabetes, depression, car accidents, obesity, cancer, lack of productivity, job failure and lower life quality.

Only a few people gain enough sleep every night. You should sleep 8 to 10 hours to maximize your power for the next day. Try it, your body will thank you :)

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