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Is cardio important even though you don't want to be a marathon runner?

A good training plan includes elements of strength training and endurance training.

The aspect of fat burning is not in the foreground here, as we have this with any kind of exercise. It is much more important that we get our cardiovascular system going with cardio. As a result, we primarily train our heart and lungs. The heart becomes stronger and the lungs manage to breathe more air, so we are not out of breath so quickly and can walk longer distances, dive longer distances underwater and do not have to take a break in everyday life when the elevator goes on strike again and the apartment on the fifth floor can only be reached by stairs.

The most common cause of death in Germany

The most common causes of death in Germany are cardiovascular diseases. Many of these diseases are triggered or exacerbated by an unhealthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle not only includes plenty of exercise, but also a balanced diet. Regular cardio training several times a week reduces the likelihood of contracting such an illness enormously. There are also many other benefits that endurance training brings with it. Cardio training is also a good way to reduce stress, which, as we all know, is very unhealthy. It helps to clear your head and just leave everyday life behind you. And those who just do it to burn calories now also know that it offers more benefits than just being able to eat one more candy bar.

Difference to strength training

With cardio training, you usually have a similar pulse for the entire unit. In contrast to strength training, where the pulse calms down again and again during the breaks and then rises sharply again later in the exercise. In strength training, the focus is on targeted muscle building and in cardio the focus is on the cardiovascular system. Both effectively burn calories, but with strength training we still have an increased calorie burn after training (afterburn effect), this would only be possible with cardio through a very intensive unit.

Good sports for cardio are:

  • Running or jogging (for beginners it is also suitable to go for a walk)

  • Swimming

  • Dancing

  • Jumping rope

  • Spinning

  • Battle rope

If you want to do strength training and cardio training on the same day, you should split them up. Depending on your preference, you can do strength training in the morning and cardio in the evening or vice versa. It is only important that you have a certain break in between to be able to gather strength again.

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