How does meditation affect the psyche and the body?

Meditation helps us to reduce stress and take a break from everyday life. We feel these positive effects in the whole body and mind.

The effect of meditation has been known for many centuries and has been researched a lot, especially in recent years. Human health is very closely linked to the psyche. This means if we have negative thoughts and convince ourselves that we are sick, we are actually more likely to get ill, even if we are healthy.

Meditating greatly lowers our cortisol level. The stress hormone has many disadvantages, which can be avoided by meditating regularly. After a short time, a more positive attitude towards life will generally emerge and the risk of developing depression will also decrease.

Instead of jumping from thought to thought in an endless loop, you start to live more in the moment again. If you want to be mindful of the world with all your senses, you have to concentrate on the individual senses. Take a close look at your surroundings, concentrate on the smells, on what you feel and on the awareness of being in the here and now.

Through meditation you also learn to look at your thoughts from the outside. "Do not believe everything you think" - keep looking at your thoughts from multiple perspectives and do not be misled. A good example are optical illusions that may not make sense at first glance and only become conclusive after a second or third look.

Proven Health Benefits:

- We have a better immune system

- We can sleep better at night

- Our cholesterol levels are falling

- We can deal with stress much better

So meditation helps us for stress reduction and self awareness. Because less cortisol is released, we can protect our body from this demonstrable damage to our body. After only a few hours (approx. 30 hours) you can already see measurable changes. This could even be determined in a test group of several thousand test subjects.

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