"Love what you do. If you haven't found it yet, keep looking. Don't settle."

​~ Steve Jobs

Frau auf Longboard

Why are HOBBYS important?

- It helps to relieve stress.
- It increases your confidence and self-esteem.
- It enriches your life and gives you a different perspective on things.
- It helps prevent bad habits and wasting time.
- You learn to become more patient.
- Having a hobby can help your social life.
- You develop new skills.
- Spending time doing what you love is NEVER a waste of time.

What to do now?

- Spend more time doing what you LOVE
- If you don't have a hobby you can easily find one.
- Don't waste life just working and paying bills - have FUN

What I use myself:
- I like doing sports and reading books
- I take
Udemy courses for learning the guitar and it works well
- Don't forget to relax...on weekends I like to watch movies like on
Netflix, Disney+ or Amazon Prime Video
- I sometimes watch sports on DAZN but i rather do sports instead of watching it
- I also like to play videogames on rainy days (TWITCH)
-Nothing is better than spending time with the people you LOVE.




by Simon