"The sky has no limits. Neither should you."
~ Usain Bolt

paar Lauf

Why is CARDIO important?

- Cardio supplies your body with more oxygen.
- Cardio helps you shed pounds.
- Cardio lowers your resting heart rate.
- Cardio helps prevent heart disease.
- Cardio reduces your stress levels.
- You are not out of breath after 10 steps on the stairway.

What to do now?

- Go running 3 to 6 times a week.
- Go running even if the weather is not so nice.
- Be consistent and let time handle the rest.
- You can run with friends or on your own
- Don't let others hurry you. It's YOU against YOU.
- Buy good equipment: Shoes, shorts, T-Shirts, jackets, leggings

What i use myself:
- Good running shoes (They prevent you from injuries)
Waterproof jacket
- Light trousers
- Leggings for colder days
- Hat (
summer & winter)
- Light

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by Simon